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10 August 2012 @ 07:05 pm
Hello shalka_verse: I feel like a lot of the people who are part of this comm will have already seen stuff about this elsewhere, but on the other hand - where is it more appropriate to post about Shalka?

We're still trying to cast episode 4 of our 'Scream of the Shalka' audio series right now. DEADLINE AUGUST 14th.

'The Immortality Pedlars' by vonquixote
Our heroes land in ancient Byzantium and encounter a man who appears to have cracked the secret to Immortality. This episode has jokes, a song, ethical and theological dilemmas, and SCIENCE.

All you need to do is record a few lines of dialogue and send them in for us to listen to. If you get cast, it'll be a few hours of group recording with fellow fans, which people generally seem to agree is a fun thing to do of an evening.

Click here for more information and audition lines.

26 September 2011 @ 01:51 pm
What are your favorite Shalka!verse fic/art/whatevers?
06 June 2011 @ 02:33 am
Hello, and welcome to shalka_verse, the community for REG!Nine, his robot Master, and the universe they inhabit!

Since no such community existed to promote this lovely little verse and collect related fic/art/etc in one place, I took it upon myself to set one up! I do hope you enjoy it and post all of your Shalka!Verse things. Maybe we can even get some discussion going. :3

Any questions about the comm, "should I post this?", affiliation etc. can be asked in this post or PMed directly to me, cosmic_celery or my capable co-mod platoapproved.

06 June 2011 @ 01:39 am
Just some helpful links collected together, I'll be adding in some more later. If you have something you feel should be added, feel free to leave it in comments.

The Webcast, watchable at the BBC Website.

Shalka at Wikipedia, The TARDIS Index, and the Dr. Who Guide.

Paul Cornell at Wikipedia, Blogspot, and Twitter.

Series and stories housed on teaspoon.

The Calufrax rec tag for REG!Nine.

In Seven Parts
It's Not Cheating
Night-Time Visitor

Ten Watches

The Shalka Master and shalka!master/shalka!Doctor at best_enemies

Shalka tags at Archive of Our Own and fanfiction.net.